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Butterflies of the
Carolinas & Virginias

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Butterflies of the
Carolinas & Virginias
Interactive CD

PETALURIDAE (Petaltails)
Tachopteryx thoreyi Gray Petaltail S3? sp   m,p
Aeshna tuberculifera Black-tipped Darner S1?     m
Aeshna umbrosa Shadow Darner S5     m,p
Aeshna verticalis Green-striped Darner S1?     m
Anax junius Common Green Darner | (New! emergence) S5 sp,su,fa   state
Anax longipes Comet Darner S4 sp,su   state
Basiaeschna janata Springtime Darner S4S5 sp   state
Boyeria grafiana Ocellated Darner S3?     m
Boyeria vinosa Fawn Darner S5     state
Coryphaeschna ingens Regal Darner S2S3     c
Epiaeschna heros Swamp Darner (also from PA) S5 sp,su   state
Gomphaeschna antilope Taper-tailed Darner S4     p
Gomphaeschna furcillata Harlequin Darner S4S5     p,c
Nasiaeschna pentacantha Cyrano Darner S4S5     p,c
Triacanthagyna trifida Phantom Darner S2?     c
GOMPHIDAE (Clubtails)
Aphylla williamsoni Two-striped Forceptail (new) S3?     c
Arigomphus pallidus Gray-green Clubtail S1?     c
Arigomphus villosipes Unicorn Clubtail S3?     m
Dromogomphus armatus Southeastern Spinyleg S3?     s,c
Dromogomphus spinosus Black-shouldered Spinyleg (f) S5 su   state
Dromogomphus spoliatus Flag-tailed Spinyleg SR     m?
Erpetogomphus designatus Eastern Ringtail SU     p,c
Gomphus abbreviatus Spine-crowned Clubtail S2S3     m,p
Gomphus adelphus Moustached Clubtail S1S2     m
Gomphus apomyius Banner Clubtail S3?     p,c
Gomphus australis Clearlake Clubtail S2S?     c
Gomphus borealis Beaverpond Clubtail SH     m
Gomphus cavillaris Sandhill Clubtail S1S2     c
Gomphus consanguis Cherokee Clubtail S1     m
Gomphus descriptus Harpoon Clubtail S1?     m
Gomphus dilatatus Blackwater Clubtail S3?     p,c
Gomphus diminutus Diminutive Clubtail S2?     s
Gomphus exilis Lancet Clubtail S5 sp,su   state
Gomphus fraternus Midland Clubtail S1?     p
Gomphus hybridus Cocoa Clubtail S3?     s
Gomphus lineatifrons Splendid Clubtail S2S3     m,p
Gomphus lividus Ashy Clubtail S5     state
Gomphus parvidens Piedmont Clubtail S3     m,p,s
Gomphus rogersi Sable Clubtail S1S2     m
Gomphus septima Septima's Clubtail S1     p
Gomphus vastus Cobra Clubtail (new) S3?     m
Gomphus ventricosus Skillet Clubtail S1S2     p
Gomphus viridifrons Green-faced Clubtail S1?     m
Hagenius brevistylus Dragonhunter S5     state
Lanthus parvulus Northern Pygmy Clubtail SR1?     m
Lanthus vernalis Southern Pygmy Clubtail S3S4     m
Ophiogomphus aspersus Brook Snaketail S1?     m
Ophiogomphus edmundo Edmund's Snaketail S1?     m
Ophiogomphus howei Pygmy Snaketail S1?     m
Ophiogomphus incurvatus Appalachian Snaketail S3     p
Ophiogomphus mainensis Maine Snaketail S2?     m
Ophiogomphus rupinsulensis Rusty Snaketail S1?     m
Progomphus bellei Belle's Sanddragon S1     c
Progomphus obscurus Common Sanddragon S5     state
Stylogomphus albistylus Least Clubtail (new) S3S4     m,p
Stylurus amnicola Riverine Clubtail S3?     c,p
Stylurus ivae Shining Clubtail S3S4     c
Stylurus laurae Laura's Clubtail S4     p,m
Stylurus notatus Elusive Clubtail S1S3     p
Stylurus plagiatus Russet-tipped Clubtail (new) S4S5     c,p
Stylurus scudderi Zebra Clubtail S3?     m
Stylurus spiniceps Arrow Clubtail S3S4     m
Stylurus townesi Townes' Clubtail S1?     c
Cordulegaster bilineata Brown Spiketail (new) S3S4     m,p
Cordulegaster erronea Tiger Spiketail S2S3     m,p
Cordulegaster maculata Twin-spotted Spiketail S5 sp   p
Cordulegaster obliqua Arrowhead Spiketail S2S3     p
Didymops transversa Stream Cruiser S5 sp   p,c
Macromia alleghaniensis Allegheny River Cruiser S3S4     m,p
Macromia illinoiensis Illinois River Cruiser S5     state
Macromia margarita Mountain River Cruiser S1S2     m,p
Macromia taeniolata Royal River Cruiser S4S5     c,p
Cordulia shurtleffii American Emerald S1?     m
Epitheca costalis Stripe-winged Baskettail S4?     c
Epitheca cynosura Common Baskettail S5 sp   state
Epitheca princeps Prince Baskettail (new) S5     state
Epitheca semiaquea Mantled Baskettail S4? sp   c
Epitheca spinosa Robust Baskettail S3S4     c
Helocordulia selysii Selys' Sundragon S4 sp   p,c
Helocordulia uhleri Uhler's Sundragon S3S4 sp   p,m
Neurocordulia alabamensis Alabama Shadowdragon S4     c
Neurocordulia molesta Smoky Shadowdragon S2S3     ,c
Neurocordulia obsoleta Umber Shadowdragon S4     p,c
Neurocordulia virginiensis Cinnamon Shadowdragon S2?     p
Neurocordulia yamaskanensis Stygian Shadowdragon S2?     p
Somatochlora elongata Ski-tailed Emerald S2?     m
Somatochlora filosa Fine-lined Emerald S5     c
Somatochlora georgiana Coppery Emerald S3S4     p,c
Somatochlora linearis Mocha Emerald S5     c,p
Somatochlora provocans Treetop Emerald S3S4     c
Somatochlora tenebrosa Clamp-tipped Emerald S5     m,p
Brachymesia gravida Four-spotted Pennant (new) S5     c
Celithemis amanda Amanda's Pennant (new page) S5 su   c
Celithemis bertha Red-veined Pennant (new) S4S5     c,p
Celithemis elisa Calico Pennant S5 su   state
Celithemis eponina Halloween Pennant (new)   S5 su   state
Celithemis fasciata Banded Pennant | Stock photos S5 su   state
Celithemis ornata Faded Pennant S5     c
Celithemis verna Double-ringed Pennant (new) S4S5     state
Dythemis velox Swift Setwing (new) S4S5     p
Erythemis simplicicollis Eastern Pondhawk (new) S5 sp,su,fa   state
Erythrodiplax berenice Seaside Dragonlet S5 su,fa   c
Erythrodiplax minuscula Little Blue Dragonlet (new) S4S5     state
Leucorrhinia frigida Frosted Whiteface SR     c
Libellula auripennis Golden-winged Skimmer S5 su   state
Libellula axilena Bar-winged Skimmer S4S5     p,c
Libellula cyanea Spangled Skimmer S5 sp,su   state
Libellula deplanata Blue Corporal | Stock photos S5 sp   p,c
Libellula flavida Yellow-sided Skimmer S4S5 su   state
Libellula incesta Slaty Skimmer S5 su,fa   state
Libellula luctuosa Widow Skimmer (new) S5 su,fa   state
Libellula lydia Common Whitetail | Stock photos S5 sp,su,fa   state
Libellula needhami Needham's Skimmer S5 su.fa   c
Libellula pulchella Twelve-spotted Skimmer S4S5 su   m,p
Libellula quadrimaculata Four-spotted Skimmer SA? su   p
Libellula semifasciata Painted Skimmer S5 sp   state
Libellula vibrans Great Blue Skimmer S5 su.fa   state
Macrodiplax balteata Marl Pennant S2?     c
Nannothemis bella Elfin Skimmer S2S3     c
Orthemis ferruginea Roseate Skimmer S2S4 su,fa   c
Pachydiplax longipennis Blue Dasher (new emerging photos) S5 sp,su,fa   m,p
Pantala flavescens Wandering Glider S5 su,fa   state
Pantala hymenaea Spot-winged Glider S5     state
Perithemis tenera Eastern Amberwing (new) S5 sp,su,fa   state
Sympetrum ambiguum Blue-faced Meadowhawk S5 su   p,c
Sympetrum corruptum Variegated Meadowhawk SZN     m,p,c
Sympetrum obtrusum White-faced Meadowhawk S1     m
Sympetrum rubicundulum Ruby Meadowhawk S5     m,p
Sympetrum semicinctum Band-winged Meadowhawk S3S4     m,p
Sympetrum vicinum Yellow-legged Meadowhawk S5 fa   state
Tramea abdominalis Vermilion Saddlebags SR     c
Tramea calverti Striped Saddlebags SZN     c
Tramea carolina Carolina Saddlebags (new emerging photos also) S5 su   state
Tramea lacerata Black Saddlebags S4S5 su   state
Tramea onusta Red Saddlebags SZN     m,p

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Dythemis fugax, Checkered Setwing

Special thanks to: Robert Barber, Giff Beaton, Steve Hall,.Bill Mauffray, Harry LeGrand, Blair Nikula, Dennis Paulson, Steve Roble, Josh Rose, Jackie Sones
and everyone else that`s helped me with the photo IDs and information.

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